Mr. Ndlagamandla

Mr. Ndlaga­mandla

Mr. Ndlaga­mandla a person who simply does not allow his tribulations to quell the laughter and joy he experiences from being with his family. A per­son of con­stant gig­gling, his fam­ily of eleven lives in an extremely remote area of Swazi­land: so remote, many of his fam­ily have never even seen a car in their life­time.  He was released from the mine due to “phthi­sis,” an anti­quated term for the com­bi­na­tion of sil­i­co­sis in the lung and tuber­cu­lo­sis.  He was told that his form of TB is incurable and sent home, deemed “unfit to work.”  The only access to health he has in his region of Swazi­land diag­noses him with TB and begins a crude reg­i­men of chemother­apy.  The health providers at his home, however, have over­looked is that his strain of TB is resis­tant to the very drugs he is tak­ing.  While his health con­tin­ues to fail despite the fact that he maintains his pill treat­ment, he ques­tions why he no longer has the strength to take the evening walks with his family.