A Personal Message from the Director

We are currently working to build a network of HIV, TB, M(X)DR-TB, and human rights organizations, as well as motivated individuals, in order to increase awareness, promote access to essen­tial med­i­cines, secure financial stability for completion of the project, and most importantly, translate our research into change. If you are interested in supporting the film, please download the film’s information packet here to get to know the project, understand its roots and core values, and overall goals. ‘Support’ is not relegated to only financial support, and involves countless other (non-financial) ways to mobilize this issue. However, we are at a complete halt due to financial constraints and it is a necessary evil; if you would like to donate, make a contribution by clicking the PayPal link on the sidebar.

They Go to Die raises concerns of TB, HIV, and human rights violations in South Africa’s mining industry through the prism of life, love, and family. Unlike traditional health films, it focuses on relationships and bonding, not simply disease. It is a film that transcends culture and paints a portrait of common humanity.”