A Call to Artists: Submit Your Work!

The concept of They Go to Die has grown into a social movement, brought to life by the dedication and passion of artists of all genres.  Artistry and aesthetics compliment the valid academic rigor discussed in the film, bringing the film to life and creating an emotional and cathartic experience. Individuals from all walks of life have written songs, poetry, created illustrations, and donated photos to bring this issue to life.

The overall goal is to create a body of aesthetic work that motivates, educates, and empowers civil society by being an easily accessible online community. Additionally, work may be incorporated into the final, distributed version of the film.

All work will be featured on the film’s website and/or other social media outlets, and substantial contributors will be given their (or their companies) own page on the film’s website.  If you have a particular talent and would like to contribute, please contact Director Jonathan Smith at jonathan.smith@theygotodie-movie.com.

Currently we are seeking talented motion graphic artists and illustrators. Contact Jonathan Smith for more details.